TurboGears book from Prentice Hall

Dec 19, 2005 21:18 · 145 words · 1 minute read

It’s official!

After a month of discussions with two different publishers (both of

which sounded quite excited about the project), Mark Ramm and I have

agreed to write a TurboGears book for Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall is

the largest technical publisher in the world and will provide

excellent marketing and distribution support for the book. The

worldwide reach is important, as TurboGears has many users outside of

the US.

We’re working with Mark Taub, who has experience publishing books for

other open source projects. Mark also worked with Bruce Perens on

Bruce’s series of books at Prentice Hall.

We’re grateful for the positive reviews and useful input our proposal

received from some notable names in the Python world. This project is

going to be a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to get it out there.

(Please wait a few months for delivery 🙂