TurboGears now supports Cheetah and Stan

Jan 1, 2006 15:28 · 131 words · 1 minute read

The other day, I talked about what TurboGears is not, specifically mentioning template systems. TurboGears has one documented, supported and included way for generating pages: Kid. But, with the latest code in Subversion, TurboGears now also supports other template engines via plugins that provide fairly seamless support for other systems.

Which other systems? There are already two plugins, and writing plugins is easy (and documented).

TurboCheetah provides support for, you guessed it!, Cheetah. Since that one is in the Cheeseshop, you can get it just by running “easy_install TurboCheetah”. If you run “easy_install -f http://www.turbogears.org/download/ TurboCheetah”, you can even get prebuilt eggs for Cheetah 1.0 for Windows and Mac.

Cliff Wells has written a plugin for Stan. Once he gets that up on the Cheeseshop, that will be easy_installable as well.