TurboGears 0.8.7 released!

Jan 5, 2006 18:00 · 178 words · 1 minute read

TurboGears 0.8.7 is out and available for download.

0.8.7 (January 4, 2006)

This update primarily solves installation issues and is not required otherwise.

  • quickstart corrected to properly produce egg-info directories (previously, directories could be created with “-” when it should have a “_”). Note that setuptools 0.6a9 will warn you if you have a – in your egg-info directory name. Just rename the directory, and you’ll be fine.
  • Installation issues that people may have had earlier are resolved in this setuptools update.
  • version number set to 0.8.7 to reflect that this is considered the “stable” version of TurboGears vs. the current 0.9 code in svn.

Project Updates

  • setuptools 0.6a9
  • sqlobject 0.7.1dev_r1457 (updated to handle the setuptools change, but also includes other bugfixes)

0.8a6 (December 26, 2005)

  • Chained validators will now cause an Invalid exception to be raised as appropriate.
  • When validation would fail, previously an unexpected exception may be raised when an Invalid exception is expected
  • quickstart didn’t look out for .pyo files in the same way that it did .pyc files.

Project Updates

  • json-py updated to 3.4