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Jan 19, 2006 15:55 · 150 words · 1 minute read

Music Sales Are Booming on Internet

The IFPI added that the legitimate music business was gradually gaining ground on digital piracy. It said research showed that in Europe’s two biggest digital markets — Britain and Germany — more music fans are now legally downloading music than illegally file-swapping.

This kind of thing drives me batty. iTMS finally presented a music service that was reasonable to use (or, more accurately, super simple to use with restrictions that are not entirely heinous). Lo and behold, you give your customers what they want at a reasonable price and they actually buy it. People do put value on their time and using the file sharing networks is nowhere near as pleasant an experience as iTMS. I’d still like to see some “youngsters” in the music industry come up and trounce on the big boys (before they get acquired by the big boys, of course).