New TurboGears mailing lists

Mar 9, 2006 22:17 · 211 words · 1 minute read

At long last, the primary TurboGears mailing list has split. This list has 1,400 members and a lot of traffic. Given that 0.9 is now out in alpha, I thought it important to separate the discussion of current and minor release topics from the stuff that’s a little ways out. The TurboGears Trunk mailing list is the one for this purpose.

I opted for “trunk” rather than “devel” because everyone who uses TurboGears is a developer and I’ve seen many cases of people posting to the wrong list because the dividing line is hard to spot sometimes. So, the trunk list is for people to discuss stuff that only appears on the trunk.

In other mailing list news, Spanish speakers now have an outlet with the turbogears-es mailing list. In Alberto’s words:

Sé de buena tinta que por aquí ronda más de algún

hispanoparlante… Hemos decidido abrir una nueva lista sobre Turbogears en Castellano para  todo aquél que esté interesado en aprender acerca de este nuevo framework pero esté encontrando dificultades por el idioma

Todo el mundo está invitado, la lista la teneís aquí:

Estaría bien establecer algún puente para intentar traer a la “oficial” cualquier cosa interesante que se comente por ahí. Por ahora me ofrezco yo 🙂