The Hosting Shuffle

Mar 21, 2006 17:05 · 238 words · 2 minute read

Yep, it’s that time again. I’m doing the hosting shuffle, which I last did back when TurboGears was first released. I have a couple of reasons for this particular shuffle: I want a bit more control over the things that are running as part of, and my dedicated server at GoDaddy is frozen at Fedora Core 2.

It is apparently possible to upgrade Fedora “in place” using yum. Unfortunately, it appears that it’s also possible to completely hose your box such that it won’t boot any more. I’d rather not go down that route, and I decided I’d switch over to a Debian box. I ended up choosing NetSonic, because they appear to be a good company that provides a decent box at a good price. I had a couple of outages at my first hosting company, Hostik, that were apparently due to “storms in the area”, which would certainly imply that their power facilities were not what I’d like. NetSonic seems to have things in a better spot as far as that goes.

Additionally, I’m setting up a shared account at DreamHost. Between the box at NetSonic and this DreamHost account, I’ll have more than 2TB per month of data transfer available and I should be able to incrementally add more pretty easily.

I hate spending time on this stuff, but I think that the control I’ll have in the end will ultimately be worth it.