Fast Track – open source project status in TurboGears

Mar 25, 2006 22:45 · 143 words · 1 minute read

The good folks at Optio, with much urging from Jonathan LaCour, have open sourced Fast Track. I had a chance to see an earlier version of Fast Track when I visited Optio in December. It’s a nicely done “project status” tool. Many companies rely on awful, emailed status reports to keep people up to date (using which project managers often have the unpleasant responsibility of updating Gantt charts and whatnot). Fast Track is a very simple way for people to communicate up or down the chain of command about the status of a project.

When I saw it, Fast Track was a TurboGears 0.8 project. Recently, they’ve given it the full TG 0.9 treatment. Check it out, give it a whirl and add on to it (it’s generously licensed under the MPL, so you can use it with commercial and non-commercial projects alike).