Web track keynote at EuroPython

Apr 8, 2006 12:42 · 124 words · 1 minute read

With a great deal of support from Paul Everitt (of Zea Partners,

formerly Zope Europe) and the EuroPython organizers, I’m pleased to

report that I’ll be giving the keynote talk for the web track at

EuroPython this year. There’s a whole lot to talk about when it comes

to the what’s going on in Python and web tools, and I excited and

honored to be given the chance to talk about it at EuroPython. Python

and TurboGears are both quite popular in Europe, so I’m also excited

about the chance to meet some of the interesting folks in Europe that

couldn’t make it to PyCon.

I’ll post more about the talk as we get closer to the event.

EuroPython is July 3-5 at CERN.