Zesty News Development Resuming!

Apr 26, 2006 14:17 · 130 words · 1 minute read

I am very happy to report that development of Zesty News is now restarting. After quite a bit of discussion with different people, followed by a bit of contract hammering, I’ve just signed a contract with Appropriate Solutions, Inc. (ASI) to continue the development of Zesty News. I will continue wearing the product manager, marketing and sales hats. I’ve really enjoyed talking with Ray Cote of ASI these past couple of months, and think they’ll be a great partner on this.

I’m also really excited to have the development pick back up. Even after a few months of stagnation, Zesty News still has unique features and aspects to it, and we’re going to push even further on those in the coming months as we see the product through to completion.