Appropriate Solutions Zesty News Press Release

May 10, 2006 12:56 · 380 words · 2 minute read

Press Release

For Immediate Release: May 10, 2006

Blazing Things LLC and Appropriate Solutions, Inc. to co-develop Zesty News

PETERBOROUGH, NH May 10, 2006 Blazing Things LLC (BT) and Appropriate Solutions, Inc. (ASI) have entered into a partnership to further develop Zesty News — Blazing Things’ on-line news and information aggregator. Under the new, multi-year arrangement, ASI will pick up development of Zesty News from the basis created by BT. ASI will also provide documentation and technical support services for the product. BT will continue the marketing and product management of Zesty News.

Zesty News is an intelligent aggregator of on-line news and information, designed to pull up-to-date data from the millions of sites that support RSS and Atom formatted feeds. To help users deal with the massive influx of new information, Zesty News pinpoints the stories that are most relevant and interesting to the user, based on the user’s past reading history.

Zesty News runs on your own computer, allowing you to take your news with you. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and is tested with Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. The first general-availability release under this agreement between BT and ASI will be Zesty News Lite, a free version of the product. Zesty News Lite is expected in the second half of 2006.

“Appropriate Solutions is the perfect partner for this project. They have a desire to produce the best possible Zesty News, and we’re all going to have an almost shamefully good time building it,” said Kevin Dangoor, President of Blazing Things LLC.

“We’re excited to be working with Blazing Things” said Ray Cote, President of Appropriate Solutions, Inc., “Building Zesty with TurboGears is fun!”


Blazing Things LLC was founded in January 2005 by Kevin Dangoor to build a news reading product with a focus on handling a barrage of new information. Following the alpha test release of Zesty News in August 2005, BT released the TurboGears open source web development framework. TurboGears has been very successful, and BT is pursuing

business opportunities surrounding TurboGears.


Appropriate Solutions, Inc. (ASI) provides custom software development services for desktop, client-server, and web applications. ASI’s in-house development staff is experienced in a wide range of platforms and development tools.