The danger of statistics: Django (the pool player) will overtake Zope

May 15, 2006 11:01 · 235 words · 2 minute read

I would’ve just posted on his blog, but the anti-spam Turing test didn’t work for me. (I’m not a bot! I swear!) Django will overtake Zope shows a graph from the recently released Google Trends that would make it appear that Django (the web framework) was about to pass Zope in Google searches people run. Of course, Zope (and TurboGears for that matter) are both unique names in the search space.

You see those letters along the Django graph? Those are the letters that tell you that this comparison is complete BS.

Django, Bata are top seeds

ABS CBN News – Apr 16 2004

Django Bustamante earns semifinals slot

ABS CBN News – Aug 30 2004

Dudley Hill, guitarist and co-founder of Pearl Django, dead at 56 (subscription) – Jan 20 2005

Django, Pagulayan vie for billiards title

ABS CBN News – May 29 2005

Bare Eye : Bata and Django: Who’s better or worse – Jul 7 2005

Passion: John Jorgenson plays the music of French gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt

News & Star – Apr 13 2006

In fact, Django (the web framework) wasn’t publicly released until mid-2005 and the Django graph had a modest uptick after its release.

In a month, Zope will indeed have less mindshare than Django the pool player and Django Reinhardt. But that comparison is almost as interesting as comparing Ruby on Rails to Britney Spears: