Off to a fine start

May 26, 2006 17:35 · 201 words · 1 minute read

Word is just starting to spread about the TurboGears Ultimate DVD (and the tin and squishy Toolboxes and the MarbleGears), so I’m quite happy with the response I’m seeing so far. A couple interesting bits so far:

  • Sales outside the US outnumber sales in the US. Ronald Jaramillo, who is personally responsible for the general coolness of the TurboGears Toolbox (the software one), placed the first order. Denmark, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and the UK at least have all put in appearances. If I was doing the shipping myself, I’d have a lot of Customs Declarations forms to fill out!
  • A majority of people buying the DVD have opted to pitch in some extra money to help out and get their names in the credits. Thanks!
  • I’ve sold at least one of every product. I wasn’t sure if people were going to go for the extras. With only one squishy Toolbox sold, though, there is a possibility that I’ll be left holding 149 of them 🙂

There’s no way to predict how well the whole presales period (which goes until 6AM EDT, June 1) will go based on the early sales. Thanks to everyone who has made the leap thus far!