SQLAlchemy gets a new release and a new site

May 29, 2006 02:54 · 152 words · 1 minute read

Mike Bayer and others have been involved in a pretty significant rejiggering (that’s the technical term) of SQLAlchemy. Much of the common user API is unchanged, but some of the pieces have become considerably more flexible. Additionally, Mike has rolled out a new site: SQLAlchemy – The Database Toolkit for Python

SQLAlchemy has a strong community, which provides patches and updates on a regular basis. Included with SQLAlchemy are several user-supplied extensions, including ActiveMapper, SqlSoup and SelectResults. SQLAlchemy is involved in a high-profile integration with TurboGears, is growing in popularity within the Zope community, and is under evaluation to be the underlying database API used by Trac.

So, in answer to Eliza’s question, according to the SQLAlchemy web page, TurboGears is indeed looking at SQLAlchemy 🙂

Beyond just looking at it, TurboGears already features SQLAlchemy integration (and work is underway to ensure that TurboGears works properly with the latest releases of  SQLAlchemy).