A Brand New Job!

Jun 8, 2006 15:18 · 264 words · 2 minute read

After quite a bit of deliberation, I’m pleased to announce that I’m going to work for Arbor Networks, starting on July 11th after my Month of Insanity is over. Arbor will be a great place to work and they made a terrific offer. I’ve previously worked with half a dozen people there.

Had Arbor not been so attractive, my decision would’ve been easier. I had to really think about what’s best for TurboGears and myself. (Thanks to Appropriate Solutions, Zesty News is continuing on solidly, and I’m looking forward to talking more about that in the coming months.)

Arbor uses Python and CherryPy today, so I’m going to be continuing work on the same technology. Arbor is a good open source citizen, so I may end up contributing more code to TurboGears than I have in the past couple of months. If I no longer need to worry about paying the bills, that frees up a lot of mental space and time.

Arbor’s products are very cool and useful. New internet security threats pop up daily, and Arbor provides a way for companies to spot the threat and neutralize it before it can cause too much damage. There’s quite a bit of interesting UI work, and I’ll get to sharpen my skills with JavaScript.

The timing of the move to Arbor is good as well. It comes post-DVD and book (and the other insanity of this month), so I’ll be largely trading work that I’ve been doing on the DVD and book for work on Arbor’s products. Blazing Things continues on. TurboGears continues on.