DVD is off to manufacturing!

Jun 8, 2006 15:29 · 210 words · 1 minute read

I’ve shipped off The TurboGears Ultimate DVD for manufacturing! Woohoo! The final running time of all of the videos on the disc is more than 5.5 hours. There’s four hours of video that’s not available online.

Putting together that DVD was a grueling experience, due primarily to technical issues. A computer that locks up sometimes… Premiere Pro’s odd habit of producing files an order of magnitude larger than QuickTime Pro does using “the same codec”… and QuickTime Pro (on Windows) gets the occasional buffer overrun (after spending a few hours encoding).

If I do more videos, I’ll certainly get a new computer to fix that problem once and for all. (Where this computer came from is its own sorry tale.) And, at this point, I at least know how to get the files encoded the way I want.

My back of the envelope “business days” calculations say that the discs should be shipping out on the schedule I had planned (June 16th). The squishy toolboxes are not due in until the 19th, but the other merchandise should already be in the warehouse when the DVDs arrive.  The DVD is on sale for $22.95 until I start shipping.

Thanks again to everyone who has bought the DVD during the preorder period!