Got my Toolboxes and MarbleGears

Jun 12, 2006 19:53 · 223 words · 2 minute read

It’ll likely be a week before I get my hands on a physical copy of the TurboGears Ultimate DVD, but I did receive my tin Toolboxes and MarbleGears today. The fulfillment service did a great job packaging it up and shipping it along. (The owner of the company has a great attitude: he insists on not making “boxing stuff up and sending it out” any more complex than it really is.)

Both products look great. The tin Toolbox is just what you’d expect: a little tin toolbox with the TurboGears logo (the full-word logo, not the G-gear) on the top near the handle. It’s a nice size for a desk accessory for holding pens, calculator and whatnot.

I haven’t broken it out to play with yet, but the MarbleGears is awesome. The TG logo stands out quite boldly on the yellow cross piece, and the pieces are larger than I had expected.

By the way, starting right now you can order the tin Toolboxes from the Ultimate page. They had previously only been available as part of the DVD+logo in credits package. Since the DVD is off to manufacturing already, you can’t get your logo in the credits any more. But, you can get a Toolbox.

Preorder pricing (everything is cheaper right now) ends on Friday, when I expect to start shipping DVDs.