Changing the color attribute on a physical product

Jun 16, 2006 14:47 · 241 words · 2 minute read

Remarkably, all of the timings fell into place for me to begin shipping the TurboGears Ultimate DVD (and the assorted other fun stuff I’ve got) today as planned. Producing the DVD was a painful experience that was fraught with peril (but mostly fraught with an extraordinary variety of technical complications). It was a good feeling to get it off to manufacturing.

The DVDs arrived on schedule at the warehouse on Wednesday, and I received a few yesterday. It looks fantastic, except… I had wanted the G-gear on a shiny disc instead of on white. Remarkably, duplication company’s software lets you specify (and pay for) the shiny “feature” and yet still have it turned off for the production process. Hmm… two variables representing the same information… what could possibly go wrong?

Sadly, you can’t just twiddle the color flag on a physical product. I was actually close to being sold out of discs anyhow, so I turned it into a win for everyone. I got discount on the white discs and a batch of shiny discs will be zooming to the warehouse soon.

I really want to give preorder supporters first dibs on the cooler, shiny discs. So, I’m planning to start shipping the preorders next week when the shiny ones arrive at the warehouse. If you’d rather not wait the extra couple of days, just send me an email (kid -at-, and I’ll send you a white one right away.