Things to comment on

Jul 28, 2006 14:04 · 163 words · 1 minute read

In addition to starting my new job at Arbor Networks (which is going quite well, by the way), I’ve been working hard on the TurboGears book ever since returning from EuroPython. This has left me with little time to blog, and I didn’t have my work machine set up for blog posting (which is to say that I forgot my password because I never have to type it), so I couldn’t even link to interesting things.

I’ve fixed my blog posting problem. The next step will be to fix my blogging itself. I don’t have time to comment on these things properly, but I do know that I want to comment on them:

Bruce Eckel wrote about TurboGears at his Web Framework Jam. I’m excited to see this, because I’ve been a fan of Bruce’s writing for several years.

And I’m quite tardy in replying to Steve Holden’s excellent notes and commentary about my web track keynote at EuroPython. Sorry about that, Steve!