Python Web Frameworks on the Small Screen

Aug 14, 2006 19:13 · 155 words · 1 minute read

In the madness before EuroPython, Mickey Hadick sent me a copy of his first episode of “All Others Pay Cash”. You can check out a trailer for it on Mickey’s videos page. I finally got around to watching the video this weekend. This episode, “Death By Chocolate”, is funny and worth a watch… for those of us doing Python web stuff, it’s notable for being, by my guess, the only sitcom to mention half a dozen Python web frameworks and even slide in a plug for Fuzzyman. While the chocolate is definitely the key to the episode, it’s fun being a part of a “crazed, desperate internet idea” subplot.

Update: Mick is working on getting the video into a film festival, so it’s not available in its entirety online right now. Wish him luck! As soon as he’s able, I’m sure he’ll make the video available and I’ll post a message here when that happens.