In praise of the Django people

Aug 30, 2006 16:51 · 157 words · 1 minute read

As open source projects, TurboGears and Django have their differences. We compete for many of the same users (though there are some things that may be easier in one or the other).  That said, I must say that the Python-web people that I’ve interacted with have been great. Jacob Kaplan-Moss posted his own take on Guido’s Pronouncement, even linking to my post on the subject. Thanks, Jacob!

Between PyCon and EuroPython, I got to spend time with a whole bunch of Python-web people (some of whom I saw in both places: Simon Willison, Jim Fulton, Philip von Weitershausen). It’s really a great combination of competition and cooperation, and I think we’re all the better for it.

Cheers to Adrian Holovaty on the announcement that Django’s going to include optional integration of SQLAlchemy. It’s a good benefit for Django users, and I think all of us that use SQLAlchemy will benefit from the additional users of the project.