Spliced Networks’ TurboGears AppStack

Sep 28, 2006 16:12 · 127 words · 1 minute read

Tucked away in this the press release about their participation in Ohio LinuxFest, you’ll find this mention of the new TurboGears AppStack from Spliced Networks:

TurboGears is one of many open source projects that Spliced Networks has packaged into a new solution called AppStacks. Designed to work with any Linux operating system, and Apple’s MacOS X Server, AppStacks are highly secure and optimized server appliance solutions.

Preconfigured, secure server environments seems like a great thing to sell, because there are a lot of components required to get these things right.

Do say hi to John Buswell and crew at Ohio LinuxFest. As I mentioned the other day, Mark Ramm will also be at their booth this weekend, so you can pester him with your TG questions 🙂