The TurboGears Jam Hosted by Bruce Eckel

Oct 11, 2006 20:56 · 170 words · 1 minute read

Big event announcement: The TurboGears Jam Hosted by Bruce Eckel. I’m really excited about this, because I’ve heard some great things about how Bruce runs a conference like this. This is akin to the Web Frameworks Jam that Bruce hosted this past July. They had such a good time with TG that they wanted to do more, thus The TurboGears Jam was born.

I’m thankful that Bruce decided to hold this in Ann Arbor. I wouldn’t have been able to make it out to Crested Butte, but I can definitely handle an event that is 3 blocks from my office.

The TurboGears Jam is the kind of event where you really learn things. Rather than having various people preaching  endlessly at you about how to do things, you have an environment where you can try things out and run with them for real.

(This is all my description of the event, based on what I’ve heard of the Web Frameworks Jam. Check out the official page for the full intro.)