Vote for sanity. Vote for gridlock.

Nov 3, 2006 17:30 · 265 words · 2 minute read

British believe Bush more dangerous than Kim Jong-il | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

America is now seen as a threat to world peace by its closest neighbours and allies, according to an international survey of public opinion published today that reveals just how far the country’s reputation has fallen among former supporters since the invasion of Iraq.

Bush is not acting alone. He’s acting in concert with an almost completely docile Congress. In the past few years, we’ve seen our civil rights eroded (some of these bad laws will hopefully still get challenged in the courts!), a war started under false pretexts drag on and on because of complete mismanagement, completely unrealistic spending (and borrowing!) on taxpayer behalf, an environmental policy (and policies in general) that ignore science, etc. We’re also in danger of losing our very democracy to an appalling rollout of flawed election technology.

Contrary to what people might think, I am not a liberal. Or a Democrat. In fact, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I’m a registered Republican. If anything, I tend toward the Libertarians (though not far enough that way to actually vote for Libertarians). I believe in the basic freedoms given to us by the Constitution (which I guess makes me socially liberal), but I believe in running a fiscally conservative and responsible government.

If you don’t want to see your rights eroded further and more money stolen from your pockets, vote Democratic on Tuesday to ensure that, at least for the next two years, the overwhelming pace of outrageous lawmaking will finally come to a halt.