Genshi – beautiful *and* fast?

Nov 8, 2006 02:28 · 148 words · 1 minute read

While I’m a big fan of his programming (and a certain other of his projects, I’m not of a fan of Mike Bayer’s Myghty template language. The original language itself was invented in Perl-land and Mike adapted and extended it in Python. I just don’t enjoy the syntax. Admittedly, though, Myghty and other Python template languages are faster than my favorite, Genshi. So , you can imagine my delight to read that Mike is working on speeding up Genshi! Thanks Mike!

(By the way, it’s unlikely that Genshi will ever be as fast as a purely non-structural template language. My choice of Python over Java or C shows that I’m willing to trade in a little speed to use a better language, and this case is no different. With appropriate caching, I’m sure that the speed of Genshi will be just fine even on very heavily trafficked sites/apps.)