Merging TurboGears and Pylons?

Mar 6, 2007 00:16 · 134 words · 1 minute read

Mark Ramm goes into a bit of detail over the recent speculation of Merging TurboGears and Pylons? I had a comment about this on the Pylons mailing list as well. Those of us using Python to develop webapps have a great variety of tools to work with.

It’s worth noting that I (and many others) like the style/feel of TurboGears apps (which is to say CherryPy-style dispatch by default and Genshi templates). Though TurboGears and Pylons currently share a good bit of code and will undoubtedly share more, it’s the style/feel thing that represents the difference between the two frameworks that may not resolve itself. (Of course, TG apps will be able to use Routes+Mako if desired, and Pylons apps can use CherryPy/RhubarbTart+Genshi if desired… those just won’t be out of the box defaults…)