Google Calendar’s Fatal Flaw

Jun 28, 2007 15:29 · 218 words · 2 minute read

I want to use Google Calendar, because it has a nice UI and I can access it from everywhere. There is one small thing that keeps me from switching from iCal: “sticky” notifications.  It’s not a complicated feature. When I reach the reminder time for an appointment, iCal will pop up a window that stays there until I dismiss it (either by closing it or by telling it to remind me again later). If my computer was sleeping, that window will pop up as soon as the computer wakes up again.

Google Notifier for the Mac can pop up reminders, but they only hang around for a few seconds, and I don’t think you’ll see a notification at all if your computers are off at the notification time. I might be able to fashion something in Apple Mail where it uses Growl to display a sticky notification for messages from Google Calendar. Unfortunately, though, Google Calendar doesn’t seem to have a way to send an email notification to any address other than my gmail address for a given appointment.And I had a really hard time figuring out where to send in a feature request to the people who maintain Notifier. So, we get a blog posting instead and a hope that the lazyweb will somehow come through.