TurboGears Web Services gets new maintainer, home

Oct 23, 2007 14:17 · 172 words · 1 minute read Python soap tgwebservices TurboGears

TGWebServices is a package that I created earlier this year to provide a simple and powerful multi-protocol web services layer for TurboGears users. TGWebServices now has a new home at code.google.com, which will be easier to maintain. Clearly, that site needs some work and a new release needs to be made to point there, but that will happen all in good time.

TGWebServices now also has its own mailing list for the first time. Since this is a low-volume project, svn commit emails will go to this list, in addition to discussion about TGWebServices.

Justin Davis from Arbor Networks will be taking over the ownership of TGWebServices. Florent Aide, the TurboGears 1.x maintainer, has also signed on as a committer on the project.

TGWS is stable and has a decent feature set, so I don’t expect to see a lot of activity. Unless we manage to get the time together to merge TGWS and soaplib, which is still a good idea.

Thanks to Justin and Florent for the continued support of TGWS!