Mixer and Korg Wavestation EX for sale

Nov 12, 2007 13:18 · 118 words · 1 minute read

OK, I promise that my blog is not going to just be filled with ads for random stuff that I’m selling. I actually have a programming-related article planned for sometime soon. In the meantime, though, hot on the heels of listing my desk on craigslist, I now have a DOD 1642 16-Channel Professional Sound Mixing Board and a Korg Wavestation EX keyboard for sale. Some people on eBay have started calling the Wavestation “vintage”. It’s always kind of scary when something that you bought new is now categorized as vintage. Alas, I’m old enough now that a fair number of things we’ve purchased over the years could qualify as vintage had I kept them. (TRS-80 Model III, anyone?)