Obama for President

Feb 4, 2008 02:13 · 167 words · 1 minute read

I couple of days ago, I added the spiffy Obama badge on the right hand side of my blog. If I were Dave Barry, I’d write about how “this blog” is endorsing Obama. But, I’m not Dave Barry. I’m endorsing Obama for President. He’s on the right side of technical issues, he’s got good ideas for a number of other issues and he comes across as one with real integrity, which is something our government can use at this point. Check out the xkcd endorsement which parallels much of what I’ve been thinking.

BTW, I believe I am still a registered Republican, which I did at one point when I bought the whole “tax and spend” nonsense that the Republicans would spew forth. Don’t-tax-enough-and-spend has been the Republican motto for as long as I’ve been following politics. I’ve had enough of the bad economics, the secrecy and the trampling on American civil liberties. The Democrat gets my vote for President, and I hope that Democrat is Obama.