Wait… who won in Texas?

Mar 7, 2008 14:03 · 194 words · 1 minute read

Clinton has been widely touted as having won in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. But, they’re not done counting yet. Texas awards 126 delegates via the primary and another 67 via caucuses. It’s a weird system, and one can legitimately claim that Clinton won the primaries (65 delegates to 61). But, by the latest count, Obama is leading the caucuses by 56% percent. If that percentage holds, the final delegate count in Texas will be 98 for Obama and 95 for Clinton.

So, it seems likely that Clinton won Ohio and Rhode Island, but Obama won Texas and Vermont and still holds a commanding lead. The only way Clinton will get the nomination is if the superdelegates decide to vote for her in direct contrast to the primary and caucus results.

Oddly, there still seem to be people claiming that Clinton is more electable. This despite recent poll numbers showing that Obama leads McCain by 12 percentage points, while a Clinton-McCain matchup has Clinton leading by only 6 points. Obviously, no one but Diebold knows how the election will go at this point, but calling Clinton more electable just doesn’t seem to stack up.