TurboGears Ultimate DVD now online, free at ShowMeDo

Apr 4, 2008 16:06 · 89 words · 1 minute read

In June 2006, I shipped the TurboGears Ultimate DVD, featuring several hours of useful screencast material for TurboGears programmers. I produced the DVD with TurboGears 0.9a6 (or so) code, but much of what is talked about there applies to TurboGears 1.0x users. A big thanks to Ian Oszvald and Kyran Dale for putting the effort into getting 2GB of material transcoded and online: TurboGears Ultimate DVD (TG v1.0) – video tutorials to learn turbogears, web_development, web_framework, python, javascript, web_application, cheeseshop, generic_function, JSON, metaclass, widget, API, sqlalchemy, cherrypy, sqlobject, WSGI