MacUpdate Parallels Bundle

Apr 16, 2008 13:17 · 283 words · 2 minute read

Apparently, it’s Mac software bundle time again. MacHeist has “retail bundle” deal going that is entirely uninteresting to me. I first read about it a few days ago, and it’s since only sold 980 bundles… far less than has been typical for one of their deals.

MacUpdate has just released a new bundle that is far more interesting. The Parallels Bundle. They’re being a bit sneaky calling it that, because Parallels is the last app that will be unlocked. They don’t even tell you how many they have to sell before Parallels is unlocked. The bundle costs $65. For people that don’t own Parallels, this could be a steal because Parallels itself retails for $80.

Even so, the collection of apps that you know you will get is pretty decent as it is. I’ve always thought Leap looked interesting, and that’s $59 regularly. Typinator is a useful sort of tool once you get using it. I don’t have time to write a novel right now, but if I did StoryMill looks like a fun way to do it. Art Text looks useful for presentations and such. The other apps I could do without, personally. DVDRemaster might be nice, but is it really better than Handbrake?

I buy my fair share (at least!) of indie Mac software, and bundles like this are a good way to try out and really get into a bunch of new tools. (And, yes, that is an affiliate link up there. I wouldn’t be posting this if it wasn’t interesting, though. After all, the MacHeist bundle has been up for days and I wouldn’t have even mentioned that one if it weren’t for the more interesting MacUpdate bundle appearing.)