Leap (Mac software) is very cool

Apr 23, 2008 12:15 · 189 words · 1 minute read leap

Based on having looked at and purchased previous MacUpdate and MacHeist bundles, it doesn’t seem like the current MacUpdate bundle is doing quite as well. Maybe it’s because they broke the magic price barrier (charging $64.99 rather than $49.99). It’s funny how prices work that way. It could also be that people aren’t as interested in the software that’s in the bundle. Things might take off once Parallels is unlocked, though.

Now that I’ve bought the bundle and actually used a couple of the programs, I just wanted to specifically mention Leap. Leap is a great reimagining of the Finder. It gives you a simple way to slice through your files based on when you last modified them, what kind of file it is, and any tags you apply to the file. Mountains of files become easily manageable this way, and it’s a far better and easier-to-maintain system than having tons of folders.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Apple crush Leap in Mac OS 10.6 by releasing a Finder that does much the same thing. It’s about time that Finder had this kind of work done to it.