Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential Nominee

May 21, 2008 01:53 · 204 words · 1 minute read

“The states I’ve won total 300 electoral votes. If we had the same rules as the Republicans, I would be nominee right now”

Hillary Clinton

That may be true, though I’m sure she’s counting Michigan and Florida despite the fact that Michigan didn’t even have Obama on the ballot. So it’s actually “if we had the same rules as the Republicans and if I hadn’t agreed to punish the states that went early.”

Hillary has had to continually come up with new kinds of math to reason as to why she is still going. I’d like to offer up an approach she hasn’t taken yet:

Bad handwriting numbers

That’s her current, pre-Kentucky, delegate tally from CNN.com. When written like that, if you kind of squint at it a bit, it looks like 2753 which very comfortably gives her the nomination. Congrats, Hillary!

p.s. to Hillary fans: I would undoubtedly vote for Hillary over McCain, if that were the choice. I just believe that dealing in “if-only” scenarios and continuing to waste money (money that could otherwise go toward the general election) on a campaign that is doomed to fail just weakens the democratic party. After today, Obama will only be about 50 delegates away from the nomination.