Sorry, Planet Python folks

Jul 17, 2008 14:42 · 227 words · 2 minute read

I tend to watch the Unofficial Planet Python rather than Planet Python. The Unofficial Planet Python was only getting my Python feed, which is good. The official one, however, is getting everything. I’ve asked for this to be changed, so hopefully soon the official Planet Python will only be listing my posts that are actually related to Python.

To make matters worse, WordPress seems to have decided that it doesn’t want to email me the comments that were showing up on my and Twitter posts. Ugh. Thanks to Virgil Dupras who contacted me via other means to let me know about the quite reasonable backlash.

Sorry for reducing the signal to noise ratio on Planet Python! This will be fixed soon.

Finally, a note about cross-posting Twitter to Blue Sky On Mars. My initial rationale for doing so is that I’d like to have all of my presence on the web routed to this site so that my data is ultimately in my control in some fashion. After having used Twitter a bit, and certainly seeing the “half a conversation” aspect of many of the posts, I don’t actually want my tweets posted here. So, I’ve turned that off.

Posting my links here has value, and I’ll keep doing that. They just won’t show up on Planet Python once my feed URL is changed there.