A change in Dojo leadership

Aug 10, 2008 01:08 · 156 words · 1 minute read dojo

Alex Russell has announced on his blog:

Two days ago I dusted off the rarely-used voting procedure for Dojo Foundation projects in order to kick off a transition that I’m very excited about: as of this afternoon, the committers of the Dojo project have elected Peter Higgins the new Project Lead for the toolkit project.

[From Dojo Transitions | Continuing Intermittent Incoherency]

So far at SitePen, I’ve had more of an opportunity to work with Peter than with Alex. Peter’s been a knowledgeable, always helpful and fun coworker. He’s going to do a terrific job for Dojo.

Alex has done amazing work to bring Dojo to where it is today (and it’s in quite a good spot). I’m certain that we (the web development community) are going to see very cool new stuff show up as a result of Alex taking a step away from day-to-day leadership on the Dojo Toolkit.

Congrats on the transition, guys!