PyWorks and php|works opening keynote

Oct 21, 2008 22:52 · 177 words · 1 minute read pyworks

We are excited to announce the keynote speakers for this year’s php|works and PyWorks conference to be held in Atlanta, Georgia in November.

In the opening keynote, Kevin Dangoor, the founder of the TurboGears Python web framework project and, more recently, the Paver Python build tool project, will be speaking about growing your open source community.

[From php|works/PyWorks Keynotes Announced ]

Though it’s been on the schedule for a couple of weeks, Elizabeth Naramore has officially announced that I will be giving the opening keynote at the first PyWorks conference (I’m not sure how many years php|works has been going). This is a cool, combined conference, and I wanted to pick a topic that I think is fun and will be useful to both Python users and PHP users.

If you’re looking for screenfuls of code, this is not the talk for you (my other three talks are more code-filled). But this is going to be a very practical talk filled with things you can do right now to bring more people into your open source projects.