A change to my blogging

Dec 29, 2008 00:40 · 326 words · 2 minute read

First of all, my blogging has been very sporadic of late. Well, it’s always been irregular, and that’s not going to change. I do plan on blogging more frequently than I have been over the past couple of months. I have recently concluded a very busy job search (more on that in a separate post) and can get back to a bit more writing.

Blue Sky on Mars (BSOM) has been my blog for everything for several years now. I’ve had lots of software development blog postings, but also have had articles about parenting, politics, music, money and, as you’d get on Woot, random crap. Not to mention things that originated on other sites like delicious and twitter. I want to change things on BSOM to make things more useful and predictable.

BSOM has been largely about software development. Now, it will be exclusively about building software products including software development and product management, possibly with some software process mixed in for good measure. Everything that appears on BSOM henceforth will be longish articles and commentary, all related to modern software.

I will still use Delicious to track interesting things that I find online, and Twitter for small, random bits of commentary. I use Friendfeed to aggregate all of that stuff.

Finally, I’ve started a blog over at KevinDangoor.com for all of the non-software stuff that had previously been here. I won’t be doing anything crazy like moving blog posts from here over to there, however… A lot of people find my writing via search engines and I don’t want to disrupt that.

To sum up: subscribe to BSOM for software topics, KevinDangoor.com if you’re interested in my views on other things, follow me on Twitter for the truly random or subscribe to my Delicious bookmarks for cool stuff that I find.

(By the way, there will be no change to my feed that appears on Planet Python which is focused strictly on my Python category.)