Build desktop apps with web UI and Python

Jan 5, 2009 14:33 · 116 words · 1 minute read

The next release of Appcelerator Titanium (PR2, due January 23rd) is slated to include support for Python and Ruby!

Titanium is a completely open source competitor to Adobe AIR. It lets you build installable desktop applications that build their GUIs via a built-in WebKit renderer (in other words, you can use HTML/CSS/JavaScript to build a GUI, just like you do on the web). The next version of Titanium is going to include support for Python and Ruby, which means that you can use something other than just JavaScript for creating your desktop apps.

I haven’t built Titanium yet to see how it works (script type=”text/python”?), but the fact that they’re working on this is very interesting.