Paver 1.0a1 is out

Jan 28, 2009 20:59 · 210 words · 1 minute read

I have just pushed Paver 1.0a1 up to the Python Cheeseshop. This is very much an alpha release, so beware. That said, I’m successfully using it in my own projects and have been for some time.

I have significantly changed the way Paver works, and I think the new structure is simpler and more flexible because it is no longer tied to distutils. In fact, Paver’s task running capability is in paver/ and that module could conceivably be used standalone. And, the namespace of tasks is not muddied with a bunch of distutils tasks if you’re making a pavement for some other purpose.

But, the distutils/setuptools integration still exists and is easy to turn on.

Paver 1.0a1 has a handful of useful new features, including the ability to run separate sub-pavements (in the same process, no less).

The docs on the Paver site are still for 0.8, and I will leave it that way for now. When you install Paver, you can run “paver paverdocs” to see the docs for the version of Paver you are running.

Please report any bugs you find either to the googlegroup or directly to the tracker at googlecode.

Thanks to Marc Sibson, Bryan Forbes, Juergen Hermann and others who have contributed to this release.