Server JavaScript wiki and IRC

Jan 30, 2009 14:05 · 173 words · 1 minute read

The server side web development chatter over the past few years has been centered around Ruby, Python, the latest frameworks in Java and Groovy, plus the endless swirl of activity in PHP. At least, that’s the chatter I’ve been seeing.

Clearly, there is pent up demand to make JavaScript into a not only competitive but truly awesome server side web dev environment. I launched the ServerJS mailing list yesterday and as of now it has 136 members and a lot of active discussion. This is a very promising start.

Of course, discussion is not the same as code. Luckily, there’s no shortage of code. It’s a matter of picking the right code and sticking with it.

To help collect up all of the useful information that’s coming up, I have set up a wiki at Mozilla’s Developer Center:

ServerJS – MDC

At Tom Robinson‘s suggestion, we are also meeting on IRC in #serverjs on freenode.

The energy behind this project is huge and I think a great new programming environment will ultimately emerge.