Exploring Google Closure: a2div, GTUG joint meeting

Nov 11, 2009 14:40 · 193 words · 1 minute read

Due to Thanksgiving falling on the same day as the normally scheduled date for a2

‘s monthly meeting, we decided to find a different date and possibly join up with another group for a complementary topic. And, indeed, that’s what we’ve done!


and the Google Technology User Group will have a joint meeting on Tuesday, November 17th. The meeting will be at the SRT Solutions office at 7PM. I realize that there are conflicts that day, but there is so much going on during the month that it’s hard to find a date without conflicts!

We have a hot topic: Google Closure. Sure, new JavaScript libraries appear every day, but not like this one. Closure has a maturity that comes from years of use within Google, on some of Google’s busiest properties. It has an amazing toolset (Firebug plugins, super squishy compiler), great docs and a nice collection of features. Of course, not many people outside of Google know much about Closure right now, so this meeting is a group exploration of Closure. Read more in the RSVP form below to see how it works.

I hope to see you there!