What is SlowNews?

Jan 26, 2010 14:00 · 182 words · 1 minute read

The move toward real-time everything is wrong. We have enough interruptions in our days without having random links and news sprayed at us 24×7. Not to mention that there’s no real thought that goes into real time, and generally very little thought that gets compressed into 140 characters. Length also does not guarantee quality, and too much text can be a waste of time. The trick is to be concise.

I’ve adopted my SlowNews newsletter-like format for sharing and commenting on what’s going on in the software world. A weekly post for software developers and technically minded product managers. This is a way to keep up with interesting things that are happening, but through the lens of a weekly view where the uninteresting is edited away, the more interesting is promoted to the top and a bit of commentary ties it all together.

SlowNews is a chance for me to gather my thoughts and to review the truly interesting things that are going on in software product creation.

Blue Sky On Mars SlowNews is published on Tuesday mornings at 9am Eastern time.