Blogging Moved to

Dec 31, 2018 10:43 · 152 words · 1 minute read

I started blogging at Blue Sky On Mars back in 2001. Twitter, Facebook, Medium, YouTube, etc. didn’t exist at the time. I wanted to share random cool stuff I found online and, sometimes, longer thoughts about things.

A lot has changed over the past 17.5 years. I do still want to share links to cool things, but a decontextualized collection of links seems more noisy and less useful than it did. I’m happy to toss random stuff up on Twitter because Twitter seems tailor-made for noise.

I’ve posted more than 2,500 times on Blue Sky On Mars. Only 81 times in the 2010s. The internet has changed, and so have I.

So, here I am at the end of 2018, and I’ve decided to take my blogging in a new direction over at I’ve turned this site into a static one and do not presently plan to post here any more.