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Camtasia Studio is the ultimate screencasting tool. For those of us using a Mac, we’re stuck with Snapz Pro X. Snapz is a fine screen capture tool, to be sure… but take a look at the features you get from Camtasia, and you’ll see that there’s really no comparison. Camtasia’s number one problem is that it’s Windows-only.

I’ve seen quite a few people out there using Macs to produce screencasts. TechSmith has had a hard time justifying the effort to make a Mac version of Camtasia. But, Mac users often seem to be more willing to pony up for a good piece of software. That, and there are quite a few developers running on Macs now. Maybe the market for Camtasia on the Mac is bigger than what TechSmith thinks it may be?

If you’d like to see Camtasia for the Mac, consider sending them a feature request.

Update: Camtasia for Mac is now out.

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  1. FLV import would help because I like to batch convert my flvs using different software – Squeeze or Episode (or export directly from Final Cut using the On2 VP6 export plug in). Apart from encode speeds and Camtasia being locked up while the encoding is taking place, my biggest problem is the ballooning file size nightmare that is caused in my temporary folder (sorry I’m a bit Windows dumb – so don’t know all the terminology), when encoding to flv. After batch encodes I wind up with my hard drive almost or completely full because the temp folder has automatically cleared and it takes time to delete the files and get it all back to normal.

  2. SOrry that should have read…..”because the temp folder HASN’T automatically cleared and it takes time to delete the files and get it all back to normal.”

  3. Anyone going to MacWorld in January? I’d love to sit down and explore a bunch of the UI / interaction assumptions that we are making for Camtasia for the Mac. Its January 14, in SFO. If you are just post here and let me know if there’s interest. If there is, I’ll set up a place for us to meet.
    – Troy Stein. Camtasia Product Manager

  4. Hey folks, here is a new option. No Mac client software yet, but you can use the Mac’s built in screen capture tool, and import the images after you get them over to a PC.

    The site and software are all free!!!

    After you import the images, you can add moving arrow, some text and audio, and it looks like it was all done on a Mac. Then you upload the final product to the site and either keep it to private email invitees, or share it out.

  5. It was tempting to mark that last reply as spam, because we’re all looking for a *Mac* tool, not a Windows tool that we can import to. But, I’ll leave it, as the commenter clearly was responding directly to this thread as opposed to running a blanket spam.

  6. Hey Troy, we have been following this thread for 2 years (atleast i’ve been) 😀 . checking it frequently to see if there is any good news, i understand your policy of secrecy.. but would it take another two years ? or can we expect it before (if everything goes well, ofcourse)

    Keep up the good work guys 😉

  7. Hi Ashkar,

    we have a bit more details:
    1. We are fully underway with Camtasia for the Mac. We went to MacWorld to demo Jing ( and find out what people would need from a professional screen recording / editing / production suite. We ran some focus groups too. All in all, got great feedback.
    2. We expect to have Camtasia for the Mac out by the end of this year.
    3. We are writing Camtasia for the Mac from the ground up. New code, new UI, new workflow. The editing metaphors will be more consistent with traditional non linear editors, like Final Cut… though not as complicated.

    If anyone is interested in beta testing it later this summer, drop me a line at t dot stein at techsmith dot com. (email obfuscated to eliminate spam).
    – Troy Stein, Camtasia Product Manager

  8. Thats great news Troy !! 😀

    Really.. Cant wait till this year end.. i’ll be among the first to buy the Mac version.
    Count me in for the Beta testing, would Just Love to help you guys 🙂

  9. Hi, great to hear a Mac version is in development. My company needs some training videos produced sooner rather than later. While I can use Parallels for our immediate purposes, we would need the Mac version in the future. Would a Mac version be a free or low cost upgrade later if we purchased the current Windows version now?

  10. Hi Adam,
    I don’t know for certain yet. Right now, if you buy Camtasia for Windows, you can install that license on both your desktop and laptop, as long as you are using them by one person (you). It seems conceivable that the same might apply to a mac and a windows machine. We’ll let you know more the closer we get.

  11. Hello everyone,

    I just created a screencast tutorial video for work using iShowU and Flash 8. I wanted to add in pop-up text which explains how things work (kinda like pop-up hints when you first open a program, only I put them in a video) so I imported my screen cast to Flash (as embeded video) and just put a few layers on top of it for text and transitions. The end result wasn’t perfect, but I only had a day to put it together so I’m happy with the result. I did go through several editing methods and ideas (playing with iMovie, looking into iMovie plug-ins, researching how other people have done screencasting edits…) before I finally realised I had the program I needed to do what had to be done!

    Strangely enough, I don’t recall reading about anyone using Flash with embeded video and other layers on top when working with screencasts. The disadvantage would be that you can’t actually cut up the video, so make sure you have a program you can do that with (quicktime pro would be a good and inexpensive choice).


  12. Lance, it is not strange at all. Many of us are looking for something faster than the process you had to employ. And, in my case, easy enough for non-techies to use. I work with instructors at a community college, most with average or below-average computer skills. Your process would send them screaming to the nearest bar.

    But, the basics of Camtasia will produce an very nice product with a short learning curve. And, yet it has more advanced capabilities for those who need or want more. That’s why so many are touting it here.

  13. RE the Mac/Win license

    That sounds very reasonable. We have gone ahead and purchased Camtasia studio and I’m using it Parallels, works great. We do have a need to make a Mac-browser specific tutorial soon (setting print dialog prefs, which differs mac vs win). On a whim, I tried using VNC/Remote Desktop to capture a screen of my Mac environment from within Parallels/Win, but the refresh was way to slow, like less than 1fps. Any other ideas for a temporary solution for this?

  14. I’ve been computing with Microsoft OS since the very early days of computing (my first pc was the DEC Rainbow with 10MB hard drive). I started to flame Micorsoft after serious problems with early XP, an OS not ready for prime time. I refused to buy Vista, and stories from all my friends and associates have made me happy I’ve moved to a Mac. Haven’t moved to Leopard yet but will shortly. I am very happy to hear that there will be Mac Version of Camtasia, and look forward to getting it.

  15. Hey, I am writing on behalf of a group of graduate students from Michigan State University to request your help with an important project. As part of a larger program to evaluate the screen-recording software using experiences, we are conducting a survey of current and potential users to ask about their experiences and attitudes towards this kind of software.

    Here is a link to the survey:

    The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary and your answers will be completely confidential. No one will use the information in any way that could identify you.

    Thank you in advance for your participation

  16. Interested in testing beta version of MAC compatible Camtasia. As long as it doesn’t wipe my hard drive 🙂

  17. Hello Troy,

    How will Camtasia for the Mac compare to ScreenFlow? Any estimate of beta or shipping dates? Thanks.

  18. hi troy,
    i am a huge fan of camtasia, we did our school math website animation thanks to your hard work!!!
    to get funding for MAC version of camtasia i would suggest to contact steve jobs directly, camtasia should be a permanent feautre of all the new macs that come out, i would try to negotiate camtasia to be native software for the macs. i remember a while ago when the power macs came out and they had this amazing native software a 3D graphing environment called the “graphing calculator” displaying 3D mathematical curves in motion this is how we all fell in love with power macs in the first place at my school
    i can see camtasia as a huge selling point for the MACS

  19. “How will Camtasia for the Mac compare to ScreenFlow?”

    Since the Mac version of camtasia isn’t out yet, I imagine Tony can’t say. 😉

    However, ScreenFlow took the award for “best Mac OS X Leopard Application” at Apple’s Developer Conference. I don’t know how Camtasia will stack up, but the bar has been set very high (you guys can pull it off, right?). One thing about ScreenFlow though: it doesn’t export to Flash so you’d have to use a third-party tool after you’re done working with your project.

  20. Wow … after finding this blog on google and reading through it. I have realized that Business 101 classes in college would find this as a great case study as WHAT NOT TO DO!” Thank God someone took the time to put the link for SCREENFLOW in here. And the fact it’s only 99$ and does everything you would ever want for a MAC. Thanks for the 2 years of posting someone got on board with the consumer 🙂 camtasia will soon find out they will be out of business along with the rest of the world that don’t adapt to change!

  21. I just want to give everyone a heads up on where we are at with Camtasia Studio for the Mac. We’re got back from WWDC where we did usability tests on our mac based recorder, editor and producer. We learned lots. Confirmed that we’re heading in the right direction and learned that we need to fine-tune a couple of things, too. We need to tweak a few things before we are able to do an alpha and beta of the product. But, we hope our 10 years of developing Camtasia Studio will pay off and will yield a pro-sumer product we all will love.

    If I forget to post something here, and you want an update, just post here. I get the emails and will return w/ whatever update I can.

    Troy Stein
    Camtasia Product Manager

  22. I have been a long time user of Camtasia and although ScreenFlow does not have all the tools that Camtasia does it is brilliant. It works on the Mac and is very fast.
    The only problem is that it does not create FLV output, but I can convert it myself if need be.

    Camtasia really needs to get a move on or they will have missed the boat on this one. Sorry Camtasia, I waited 1.5 yrs… but could not wait longer.


  23. Completely understand, Tony. I’m sorry we’re not ready sooner. I hope you’ll give us a look when we announce at MacWorld.
    – Troy Stein, Camtasia Product Manager

  24. I just want to say, I@ve been a Camtasia Studio owner and user for like 2-3 years now, and recently moved to iMac computer due to that i just got fed up with the insane low performance of Microsoft windows computers and hardware. My last attempt was buying a brand new HP computer with Windows Vista. It worked “great” for a few months, with satisfying performance, but then it suddenly lost it´s mind and started going slower and slower even tho i just had like 10-15 installed applications on it max. (and yes, im a super-geek, running all kinds of system performance checkers and antivirus like nod32, Acronis True Image, PerfectDisk defragger, anti-spyware, anti-addware, bloatware etc etc) – but somehow Vista suddenly decided to act just like Windows XP – turning on all the breaks and go into “driving like grandmother speed” again. So I just sayd “F**K this sh*t! Im going for something different! Im going to get a mac and see how that works out” – And so i did. Bought me a mac and OMG what speed improvement compared to Vista (running on basically equal good hardware as my PC computer, and its like 3 times faster – Crossing fingers Mac OS X don´t got a dang grandmother driver hiding in it – only time will tell, but so far, so good – my mac runs like a smooth clockwork for days/weeks at a time still)

    But! I took it for granted that something similar like Camtasia already existed on Mac, but to my great frustation – there is no such thing as a Camtasia “clone” on Mac – yet. I´ve been searching all over the internet the last few weeks downloading just about any kind of screen-recorder/editor software for mac i could possibly find (I´ve been reading hundreds of websites, tracking down just about anything imaginable in the area of screen recording and on-screen annotation/editors), and currently i´ve settled with “ScreenFlow”. But ScreenFlow sure is not a good replacement for Windows Camtasia, that´s for sure. I still miss the Camtasia Studio´s absolutely great recorder/editor combination. Sure, ScreenFlow does it´s work with realtime fullscreen recording in a very fast and high FPS manner, even recording in fullscreen 3D virtual world´s like works great with it. But for what. The editor in ScreenFlow is a very limited one compared to Camtasia studio, so it´s still forcing me to use iMovie to edit it properly and i´m not pleased with iMovie at all since it messes up the original screen resolution forcing it into a stupid DV resolution. I also even tried Final Cut Express, but that was just “overkill” application that made my head spin like crazy trying to learn it. Sure, Final Cut Express probably a killer app, no doubt, but for screen-tutorial video-work it´s not very optimized at all for it. I can do it 20 times quicker in Camtasia for windows!

    So, I will wait patiently for the Mac version of Camtasia Studio. The day it´s in store – even at a price tag of 250USD+++ even if i owned a windows copy of Camtasia already i would buy it without hesitation. (sure, a discount for buying a mac version when you already own Camtasia for windows would ofcourse be nice, but to be really honest, i don´t really care if you give it or not – if you manage to make a mac clone with the same quality as Camtasia for windows, you deserve every penny you ask for it – with or without discount. Doesn´t matter to me, I would still buy it and still smile a big smile)

    Keep up the work Troy, i´ll be watching Camtasia for future Mac software for years to come. I´m not in a hurry to settle down for good with ScreenFlow or others. And i think that´s one of Mac users strengths in the software market – most mac owners got the money to buy quality software when they find it. If you got the money to invest in a good mac computer, you sure would have the money to invest in proper software too IMHO. To my knowledge, Mac users seems to be generally quality-oriented, not quantity-oriented. I don´t care what it costs, I just want it to work smooth, fast and stable!

    So, shortly put, I really hope a camtasia follow-up for mac emerges some time in future – then i can once and for all put my horrible microsoft windows nightmare into where it belongs – in the closet.

  25. Good comments. It’s nice to see this discussion continuing.

    ScreenFlow definitely raised the bar for Mac screencasting. Prior to that, all we had was screen recorders without editing capability at all.

    That said, Camtasia definitely does a lot that ScreenFlow does not. If Mac Camtasia is anything like Windows Camtasia, it will definitely find a market.

  26. Doug

    I skimmed through your flash movie on my Mac and I didn’t hear any issues with the audio. Is there a specific time in the clip that has the audio problems? Also, you might want to check the version of Flash that you have on your Mac. Beyond that I don’t know what could be causing your audio problems. What version of the Mac OS are you running?

    These are my specs:
    Mac Pro (2007)
    Mac OS X 10.5.4
    Flash version: MAC 9,0,124,0

  27. I debated wether to post this, because its tangentially related to the topic, but if someone is looking for Camtasia on the Mac to record presentations, read on:

    We are also doing a beta testing of a new Camtasia product, with a Mac recorder. The product is called Camtasia Relay. Relay has Mac and Windows Recorders. They are stripped down to make it simple to record presentations — PowerPoint and Keynote. The recordings get sent to a Relay server which automatically encodes the video (in whatever formats you choose) and publishes them to whatever destination/server you choose. The encoding and distribution of the files is managed by the administrator, so the person doing the presentation, doesn’t have to think about it. The recordings from either the mac or windows Recorders can be edited in Camtasia Studio 6 (Windows) coming in October… Yes CS 6 Windows will be able to edit MOV files.

  28. Hi Troy!

    It’s a great news about Camtasia on Mac.
    We are currently working on CS Windows, but all our windows usage is through parallels.

    We run site, and Camtasia is extremely useful in providing free screencast lectures to accountancy students that we produce!
    I watched the video and I know there will be a beta testing in autumn, so my question is,
    How to sign up for this beta testing for CS Mac version, this autumn? 🙂
    I know it is not public beta yet, but we are all great fans of CS and I would love to be one of the first people to lay my hands on it, please!;)

    my email contact at
    Thanks, Kris

  29. I am hoping that someone can help me. I love Camtasia and I love running Parallels on my Mac (Leopard, Intel MacBook, 2G Memory). Unfortunately, I seem to be encountering a strange error condition which I hope someone can help me with. When I try to import media of just about any type I receive the following error message, “No Codec available to render this file”.

    I have re-executed TSSC and that did not help.
    I then setup a new VM partition and re-installed Windows XP and Camtasia Studio 5.0 and that did not help.

    However, when I download and tried VM Fusion, the problem disappeared. I like Parallels and have purchased it already.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, how have you resolved this?

    Thanks. Ron

  30. Re “No Codec available to render this file”

    I have been bugged by this as well. If I copy the file into the parallels Windows environment (“C” drive) it seems to import into Camtasia jsut fine. Very problematic, as I tend to refresh my Windows snapshots to default states, but I have to be careful not to delete any camtasia media from the windows environment.

    Any solution greatly appreciated.

  31. Adam, I just tried copying the file into the Windows environment and the Camtasia error message disappeared! I am not sure why this worked, but it did work. Thank you.

  32. Also, we currently have a full compliment of beta testers… but thanks to all those who’ve offered to help!

    – Troy Stein, Camtasia Product Manager

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