Camtasia for the Mac

Jan 30, 2006 13:38 · 155 words · 1 minute read

Camtasia Studio is the ultimate screencasting tool. For those of us using a Mac, we’re stuck with Snapz Pro X. Snapz is a fine screen capture tool, to be sure… but take a look at the features you get from Camtasia, and you’ll see that there’s really no comparison. Camtasia’s number one problem is that it’s Windows-only.

I’ve seen quite a few people out there using Macs to produce screencasts. TechSmith has had a hard time justifying the effort to make a Mac version of Camtasia. But, Mac users often seem to be more willing to pony up for a good piece of software. That, and there are quite a few developers running on Macs now. Maybe the market for Camtasia on the Mac is bigger than what TechSmith thinks it may be?

If you’d like to see Camtasia for the Mac, consider sending them a feature request.

Update: Camtasia for Mac is now out.