TechSmith (Camtasia maker) goes Mac!

Jul 18, 2007 15:02 · 170 words · 1 minute read

One of my most enduringly popular blog entries is the one in which I call out for a Mac version of Camtasia, TechSmith’s exceedingly cool screencasting tool. If you search Google for “camtasia mac”, that posting is the top link. Troy Stein, Camtasia’s product manager, has been active in the conversation in the comments on that entry, and today clued me in to Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.

Jing is an integrated screen capture and sharing tool and marks the first major foray in the Mac software for TechSmith that I’m aware of (they do have a Mac version of their codec, but that’s not the same as an actual app!). You’re limited to making 5 minute Flash movies (likely using TechSmith’s awesome lossless codec), but Jing is free and many screencasts are 5 minutes or less anyhow.

Of course, I still want to see Camtasia for the Mac, because of its great editing tools. But, it’s great to see TechSmith heading into the Mac market!